DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH is a recruitment agency active in job placements and aims to grow clients and candidates by matching their needs. To achieve, DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH has information from both clients and candidates. DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH uses personal data of customers and candidates carefully and confidentially, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Collection and Use

DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH collects personal data only to the extent necessary for the performance of assignments as an employment mediator, to mediate candidates for vacancies (temporary and permanent) with clients. Personal data can concern both potential (future) and current candidates for a position and business relations of DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH. Personal data that is processed and stored includes data from a resume, e-mail or letters, name and address data, date of birth, education, current job or past positions, salary data and candidate introductions or interview reports written by consultants. These personal data can be used to send messages by e-mail, post or telephone or to contact us personally:

  • to inform candidates about vacancies
  • to maintain relationships with candidates, for example to consult them because of their specific knowledge
  • to keep candidates informed through press releases or newsletters
  • to inform business relations about news and developments.

The CV-related data, written candidate introductions and salary data can also be sent to other potential employers, both inside and outside the European Union. DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH in some cases works together with external parties who offer services that allow the exchange of personal data. These are, for example, parties that carry out screenings, assessment psychologists, trainers or facilitating parties such as payroll or travel organizations. This only happens with the prior knowledge of the involved candidates.

If we are obliged to do so, we make personal data available to the police or the judicial authorities.

Since the Internet is a global network, the collection and processing of personal data via the Internet transmits information in an international context. By using this website and communicating electronically with DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH, the user of this website acknowledges that we process personal data in this way and declares that he / she agrees with this.

Retention period of the personal data

When a candidate registers with DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH or gives explicit permission to store his / her personal data in our database, this is the start of a generally long-term relationship. As candidates do not normally change jobs annually or more frequently, this personal data must be available for a longer period of time. For that reason, our retention period is 5 years.

Data security

DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH makes every effort, together with its ICT suppliers, to protect personal data as well as possible. For example, the DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH website has an SSL certificate. Sending or receiving data via the Internet in general can never be guaranteed completely secure, however. We will apply strict operational procedures and adequate technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, deletion or transfer of personal data.

Right of access

Persons whose personal data are processed have the right to inspect their data at DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH. To request or to change your own personal data, or to request removal from the database, DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH can be contacted – only in writing and with additional identification – via It is possible that administration costs will be charged for this.


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Changes of this privacy statement

DE FOUW EXECUTIVE SEARCH reserves the right to change the current privacy statement in accordance with the General Personal Data Regulation (GPDR/ Dutch AVG). The latest version of our privacy statement can be found at